Yuuko's global prefix is @Yuuko, and the customisable prefix is automatically set to -.
Using -settings commandPrefix [new prefix] will change the prefix. (Without the brackets!)

Command Description Usage Example Permission
module Toggles a module on or off based on it’s current value. -module [module] -module audio MANAGE_SERVER
modules Lists all of modules, separated by their on/off state. -modules -modules
help Sends a private message to the user with a link to the GitHub repository where this list is located, or sends usage information about the given command. -help | [command] -help, -help neko
about Returns some technical information about Yuuko, such as uptime, ping and server count. -about -about
settings Gives the ability to display or set a variety of server settings. -settings | [setting] [value] -settings, -settings deleteExecuted true MANAGE_SERVER
Command Description Usage Example Permission
kick Kicks the provided user from, with an optional reason. -kick @user | [reason] -kick @Yuuko, -kick @Yuuko not very nice. KICK_MEMBERS
ban Bans the provided user for the given amount of time in days, with an optional reason. -ban @user [days] | [reason] -ban @Yuuko, -ban @Yuuko 7 test reason BAN_MEMBERS
mute Mutes the provided user from both voice and text chat on the server, with an optional reason (Toggle) -mute @user | [reason] -mute @Yuuko, -mute @Yuuko test reason MUTE_MEMBERS
nuke Deletes the provided number of messages from a text channel OR if tagged, the whole channel. Max Channels 5, Max messages 100. (Warning: Nuking via #channel will break any bindings you have created!) -nuke [value] | #channel -nuke 50, -nuke #nsfw MANAGE_MESSAGES
Command Description Usage Example Permission
user Returns information about the provided user, such as join date, online status and roles. -user @user -user @Yuuko
server Returns information about the current server. -server -server
channel Adds or removes a channel to/from the server. Note: You cannot have NSFW voice channels, even if you tried. -channel [action] [type] [name] | [nsfw] -channel add text cool-text-channel nsfw MANAGE_CHANNELS
bind Binds a module to a text channel preventing commands from being executed outside of that channel. Modules can be bound to multiple channels. Modules can be unbound by retyping the command. -bind [module] | [channel] -bind audio test-channel ADMINISTRATOR
Command Description Usage Example Permission
linestatus Returns full line coverage for the London Underground which is accurate to command execution, with optional min argument to return a minified version. -linestatus | [min] -linestatus, -linestatus min
weather Allows you to look up the weather in the given city Note: Currently limited to a city name, without country code. -weather [city] -weather London
tesco Returns product information about any item sold by Tesco PLC -tesco [product] -tesco mount gay
Command Description Usage Example Permission
roll Rolls a die with the given value and returns the result. Rolling 00 will return a multiple of 10 between 0 and 100. -roll [value] | [00] -roll 42
Command Description Usage Example Permission
osu Returns a small signature image for an Osu player on the specified mode. (Modes: 0 = Osu, 1 = Taiko, 2 = CtB, 3 = Mania) -osu [username] | [mode] -osu galaxiosaurus 3
kitsu Returns information about the given anime. (Types: show) (Character information to come soon!) -kitsu [name] -kitsu naruto
Command Description Usage Example Permission
play Starts playback of the given audio track through either URL or search term. Will ask Yuuko to join the voice channel of the command issuer and if a track is already playing, queue it instead. Using the command without arguments will resume a paused player. -play | [url] | [term] -play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDW4hTWbRYs, -play something
pause Pauses playback of the current track. -pause -pause
stop Stops playback, clearing the queue and removing the background track. -stop -stop
skip Skips the currently playing track, if there is one. -skip -skip
shuffle Shuffles the queue. -shuffle -shuffle
current Returns information about the currently playing track such as current time, artist and source. -current -current
last Returns information about the last played track such as artist and source. -last -last
queue Returns the first 10 tracks in the queue or however many there are if under 10. -queue -queue
clear Clears the current queue of all of the current tracks, or clears a single track from the given position in the queue. -clear | [position] -clear, -clear 4
background Sets the background track and starts playback. Background tracks will play if there is nothing in queue and queued tracks will play instead of the background track. Use the command with no parameters to unset a set background. -background [url] | [term] -background https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=va3Dj_sUCJs, -background cool music
repeat Toggles a track to repeat. -repeat -repeat
search Searches YouTube and returns the first 10 results, a choice is made by typing the number and the selected track will be queued. -search [term] -search funky beats
Command Description Usage Example Permission
efukt Returns a random image/gif/video from eFukt. -efukt -efukt
neko Returns a random lewd neko image by default or another type with a given parameter -neko | [type] -neko, -neko boobs
Setting Description Values Usage
commandPrefix Changes the custom prefix for the server. String (Min: 1, Max: 5) -settings commandPrefix !
deleteExecuted Deletes the command message after it has been executed. TRUE, FALSE -settings deleteExecuted true
commandLogging Logs any executed command into a logging channel. TRUE, FALSE -settings commandLogging true
nowPlaying Announces the next track in the queue when the previous finishes. TRUE, FALSE -settings nowPlaying true
djMode Toggles whether or not the role of DJ is required to use key audio module commands. TRUE, FALSE -settings djMode true
welcomeMembers Whether or not to welcome members with a predefined message in the first channel that contains the name 'general' or 'primary'. (customisation soon) TRUE, FALSE -settings welcomeMembers true